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on Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:11 pm
Forum Rules:

Important: Some sections have specific rules. Please read them before posting.

1.a. It is forbidden to attack the person, to offend under any form the members of the forum, to use obscene, threatening, abusive or indecent words.
b. Inappropriate or offensive behavior, harassment, and messages intended to challenge other users, aggressive responses to offensive messages are sanctioned. If you are provoked / offended by a user, use the Reclamation feature. DO NOT assume the role of justice because you will be sanctioned. A civilized behavior calls for combating previously expressed ideas and not for people who have posted them.
c. Any post with licentious, political, ethnic, or extreme racist content, DISCRIMINATOR, pornographic, illegal, referring to drug use, Violence (verbal or posting photos / clips), or unreasonable in any way is completely forbidden .

Applied sanctions are the ban on using the forum for a fixed / permanent period.

This rule applies to both the forum and the internal messaging system. (Please note! The private messages reported, as well as those reported on the forum, can be read by moderators.

2. Before writing, look for the best category or topic for your messages, to avoid posting the same topic twice or writing your message. Please use the SEARCH function.

3. Please use a suitable title when opening a topic (especially one to highlight the theme of the topic). Avoid incomplete titles such as "lol", "question" or "ATTENTION!".

4. To avoid repeating arguments, especially in the case of long discussions, we suggest that you always read the entire topic before posting a reply.

5. Please do not reply to off-topic topics and do not post in topics that are likely to be deleted. Posts like "first on page" or "I wrote in this topic" are forbidden.
Please post responses related to the topic. If you can not provide a suitable answer to the topic, it's best not to post anything. This is particularly true of very short and unrelated posts.
Discussions between just two users should be carried through internal messaging, not on the forum.

6. Do not use text with excessive colored or large fonts. Excessive dimensions will be reduced without notice and without explanation. The standard color of this forum is this. We recommend that you use it, otherwise we will need to edit your messages.

7. Check the text before posting. This way you can ensure that it is easy to read and can be understood by the other members of the forum. Repeated violations of this rule may result in a warning.

8. It is forbidden to use chat abbreviations: "sh", "tz", "k", "dak", etc. You can use the diacritics.
Also, it is forbidden to post monosyllabic messages (except the game area) and that contain only emoticons.

9. Do not quote excessively from previous posts. Just quote essential parts so the posts are not too long.

10. Advertising on the forum is forbidden. Sales / Purchases / Shifts are only available in the ANUNT section of the site.

11. It is forbidden to attach files containing viruses, Trojans, spyware, unlicensed software, cracks, or any illegal or potentially dangerous attachment.

12. It is forbidden to send unsolicited commercial messages to other members, even if done via the PM, sending "unsolicited mailings", "chain letters" or mass mails, instant messages etc .; it is also forbidden to publish, transmit or refer to any "pyramidal" game or any other activity meant to mislead other persons as well as any similar activities in respect of which the criminal offense has been proven in the past.

13. It is acceptable to post pictures without comments as long as they are on topic.
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